Workout #7

I headed to the gym after work today for my first workout since Thursday. I woke up Friday morning with a cold and that, even more than being in New York for the weekend, prevented me from doing any real workout for a few days.

But I was at the gym at 4 PM, climbed up on the elliptical, and did half and hour of cardio. This time, I didn’t try and sprinting; I simply tried to keep my heart rate right in line with where it should be at 149. I maintained it close to that rate for just about the entire workout.

After cardio, I did some stretching, followed by a few sets of shoulder presses with 15 lbs free weights. I also did bicep curls with the same weights and once again had a heck of a time with my left arm, which lagged quickly behind, and is clearly weaker than my right. I guess it will take some time to build up that strength.

I also did some crunches but didn’t want to overdo things too much so after that, I headed to the locker rooms and called it a day.


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