We lost a close one!

Well, we lost another softball game, but this time it was close. The final score was 20-17 and it was back and forth all the way. Our team played really hard and should be proud. I went 3-5 and played short the whole game. I had a four or five chances and made some decent plays, but the best play came when I held the tag on an over-slide for an out.

I also managed to hyper-extend my knee just getting up from the ground. I kid you not, my entire left knee-cap popped out of the socket for about 3/5ths of a second (during which time, I distinctly remember thinking to myself: How will this affect my workout tomorrow? And then it popped right back in. I took a few minutes, limping around, but the limp soon disappeared. I have full mobility and finished the game without trouble.

Right now, my knee is a little stiff and uncomfortable, but not in any pain and I still have full mobilty. I’m icing it and staying off of it for 12 hours to see how things are (which means I’m working from home in the morning).

Afterwards, some of us headed over to The Ugly Mug and celebrated our valient effort.

Two more games: one next Tuesday, the other next Thursday.

And I came home to discover that the Yanks had come back and beaten the Rangers after falling behind, thanks to a Giambi 9th inning homerun. (barmaidblog must be thrilled.)


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