Workout #13 (with Bernard)

For a variety of reasons, I had to keep this workout short and be back here at the office in time for softball. First of all, I realized that I forgot my workout shorts (my softball shorts for that matter!) and I had to run over to Macy’s to get a new pair. (One advantage of working in a mall!) Because of that, I was a little late, and I needed to be back here at 5:15 PM, so we kept things short today.

We focused primarily on lower body.

Exercise group 1

  • Quad lifts. Free-weight machine where you bend one knee back on a bar, grab the handles (to which weights are attached behind) and then dip down on your other knee, and then back up. The idea is to use your leg to lift the weight, not your arm. Three sets of 12 reps. I can’t remember the weight.
  • Pikes. You get down on a mat like you’re going to do pushups, only you are on your forearms. You tighten your ab muscles and hold there. Three sets of about 1 minute each. These are harder than they sound. Try them and see!
  • Crunches. 20/30/30.

Exercise group 2

  • Leg press. 12/12/12. First set at 90 lbs; last 2 sets at 130 lbs
  • Jumping jacks. 20/30/40.

Exercise group 3

  • Leg curls. 12/12/12. All three sets at 50 lbs.
  • Donkey lifts. You stand on a platform with your heels off the edge. You bend over at a right angle and grab a bar. Bernard put a 10 lbs weigh on my back. Then you stand on your toes, and then go all the way down so your calves are stretched, keeping your legs and arms straight and stable. Easiest exercise of the day. 15/15/15/.

My next session with Bernard is next Thursday, but I’m meeting up with him sometime before then (tomorrow or Monday) just to go over what my workout should be when I’m working on my own.

Incidentally, Bernard asked me today if I’ve noticed any changes in my body (clothes fitting differently, etc.) To be honest, I haven’t. The only change I’ve noticed thus far is with the cardio. But I’m in no hurry.


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