A day in the life: 7 – 9 AM

I start in on the meta-data updates and it goes pretty well and I am more or less focused. I get through the categorizations and then start adding summary templates, and finally move on to the creation of groups and sample users for the class this afternoon. In a Puckish moment, I decided to create two users: Sherlock Holmes and James Watson. After all, the class I am running is for the Security department and what better than some famous detective. I have given Sherlock an office number of 221 and I wonder if anyone will notice the relevance.

The server on which I am working is a little sluggish and I restart some services but that doesn’t seem to help so I decide to bounce the server. While it is rebooting, I figure I have a few minutes to catch up on other things. I scan the news and see that the suspect in the JonBenet Ramsey murder has confessed. He claims it was an accident. I find that I am glad it wasn’t the father after all and that this vindicates him and the family. I feel terrible for the family for what they have gone through all these years.

I scan friends blogs and see that thepopeswife has posted about cookies and neighbors and stuff, and I read through that entry.

My phone rings and it is a number I don’t recognize. I pick it up and it is Karen. She’s calling to ask about the softball party tonight. She says she’s going to be able to make it after all. I tell her when and where it will be. She asks how Zeke is doing and I tell her that since he’s come home, he has been doing great.

She tells me a very funny joke that relates to this.

This has me convulsing with laughter on the phone. It’s a good thing that I took cough medicine earlier this morning or this laugh would have set me off coughing for the rest of the day. I tell Karen that I needed that laugh, as this is a particularly stressful day. I forgot she was going to be coming to the party so I will see her later in the day.

I decide its about time to do the next “day in the life” blog entry. Then I’ll go back to the meta-data work. I’m hoping to have this finished by 10 AM. I’m also beginning to get hungry. I didn’t eat breakfast this morning.


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