Possible Site Unavailability Over the Next Few Hours

Over the last several months, I’ve noticed some downgraded performance on the site, including some unexpected outages. Today I decided to take action. After discussing it with my service providers, I am moving the site from a set of older servers to some newer ones with much more potential for growth, as well as higher reliability.

Doing this is a little complicated (although being a VaultPress user has made the WordPress part of it much easer) because it involves updating DNS records, and those changes can lag. So sometime in the next few hours, I will be redirecting the domain to the new servers. This will likely cause some intermittent outage on the site, but I’m hoping that it won’t last too long.

And when the site is back up, it should be on the new, and better performing servers, and performance and reliability should be improved.

One comment

  1. I use CloudFlare for my sites; when I migrate to a new server, I just edit my hosts file to work on the new site, once things are ready to go, I can remove the entry in my hosts file and update the DNS record in CloudFlare, which will update everybody within a minute or two to the new server, rather than having to wait for DNS to propogate (since the A and CNAME records still point to CloudFlare, and they can update their records internally much faster.)


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