Halfway through Dangerous Visions

I’m approaching the halfway mark through Dangerous Visions (slowly, as usual for the summer, what with Everything Else going on), and I must say, I’m surprised.

All of the stories are, of course, good. I didn’t really “get” Phil Farmers “Riders of the Purple Wage”. That was a tough one for me. But so far, the story that has surprised me and pleased me the most is Howard Rodman‘s “The Man Who Went to the Moon–Twice”. It’s a very short story, but very understated. There is a Ray Bradbury-esque quality to the story and if I had read the story without knowing who the author was, I would have guessed it was a Ray Bradbury yarn. Bob Block is great, and Ellison is terrific, but amidst all of the Dangerous Visions I have witnessed thus far, Rodman’s story, while “dangerous” shines as a kind of beacon.

Tonight: romp through Philip K. Dick‘s LSD-trip in “Faith of our Fathers”.


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