Oh let me count the ways…

As I approach my 800th blog entry this year, I figured it was as good a time as any to take a look at some of my statistics with respect to blogging.

Okay, so as I said, I’ve had roughly 800 posts since January 1, 2006 and have posted at least once per day, everyday. The minimum number of posts-per-day is, obviously, 1. The maximum number of posts-per-day is 9. The distribution of posts per day follows, for you bell curve fanatics:

# of posts/day # of times
1 post/day 37
2 posts/day 48
3 posts/day 62
4 posts/day 44
5 posts/day 30
6 posts/day 13
7 posts/day 3
8 posts/day 3
9 posts/day 1

I’ve done 3 posts/day 62 times, which is by far my most common number of posts per day. My average number of posts per day is just slightly higher than that at 3.22.

In terms of larger intervals, here’s what my posting activity looked like from January 1 though August 29:

May and June were clearly “down” month for me with 84 and 61 total posts respectively. Compare that to my average number of posts per month, which weighs in at 97.13.

Yet another cut at this is by week. There have been 35 weeks this year so far, and my weekly distribution of posting looks as follows:

It’s a little bit harder to discern a weekly average from this graph, but trust me when I tell you that post, on average, 22.2 posts per week.

Finally, I thought it would be interesting to see if I tended to post more on certain days of the week and less on other days of the week. This graph provides some insight:

I’ve made the fewest posts on Sunday, but come right around to make the most posts on Monday. Thursday also seems to big a big post day. In fact, my average number of posts/weekday reflect this:

Weekday Avg # posts
Sunday 2.6
Monday 3.8

Wednesday 3.0
Thursday 3.6
Friday 3.0
Saturday 3.0

So there you have it, a brief statistical analysis of my blog, year-to-date. Next time, I’d be interested in looking at average word length of entry and total word length. But that will require a little programming on my part and I wasn’t feeling quite that nerdy today.


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