A Few Interesting Numbers

I happened to glance at some numbers today and they all seemed pretty interesting to me. Perhaps just coincidence, but I figured I’d share them because, well, Monday’s are slow, so why not.

Deuces Wild

I happened to glance at my Twitter follower count early this morning and found that it was deuces wild:

Deuces Wild

Approaching 800k

Blog YTD

Looking at my blog stats in Google Analytics earlier today, I noted that I am just shy of 800,000 page views for the year. I thought I’d break 1 million, but it looks like I’ll have to try again next year. Still, 800,000 page views is nothing to sneeze at. It amounts to nearly half a million visits and nearly 300,000 new visitors this year. Put another way, it averages to about 2,200 page views/day, which is about right. Not counting people who read via the RSS feeds.

Still, I tend to put this in perspective. For instance, it is about 1/10th of what John Scalzi reports his blog, Whatever, gets each year.

3.5 million steps (or ~1,600 miles)


As of today, I’ve clocked more than 3.5 million steps on my FitBit in 2013. That turns out to be almost 1,600 miles. Or, put another way, I’ve burned almost a million calories.

Have any numbers you want to share? Drop them in the comments.

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