If I had $1,000,000

Ordinarily, I have a phenomenal memory for songs and can associate them with very specific activities when I first heard them. It’s uncanny and often quite eerie. Tonight I heard, for the second time in my life, The Barenaked Ladies “If I had $1,000,000”. I knew all of the lines, which is not unusual for me after hearing a song once. What is unusual is that I cannot remember where I first heard the song and it’s driving me nuts!

It wasn’t in that episode of Scrubs, I know that for sure. Someone played it for me, specifically for some reason that I can’t remember. Either that or it was in a movie, but that doesn’t feel right. I don’t think I first heard it in a movie. (Has it even been used in a moive?) No, someone wanted me to hear it. But who? And why? And when?

If you are that someone, please put me out of my misery. This will drive me nuts and I won’t get any sleep tonight and I’ll be cranky tomorrow and find it difficult to do my work. Help! Please help! Where did I hear this song before?


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