Goodbye Mets, Hello Cards

What can I say, it was some game last night! I was pulling for the Mets, but they just couldn’t do it, although they made a mostly valiant effort there at the end. (I say “mostly” because I can’t understand why Beltran took that last pitch.) My condolences go out to Mom, Dad and Doug. Also vickyandnorm. This morning, I’m sure Norm is learning how to say things like, “There, there, Vicky, at least they made it to the NLCS. Look on the bright side, the Yankees didn’t even make it that far!”

And congratulations must go out to the only Cardinals fan that I personally know, strausmouse. It looks like Eric will finally have something to brag about his team. I don’t think the Cardinals have much of a chance against Detroit, but at least he will be happy for a few days. It seems like the last time the Cardinals got this far, Tim McCarver was still catching for them.


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