My Scorecard for the NLDS Nats vs. Cardinals Game 1

I like keeping score when I watch baseball. It makes me feel more in tune with what is going on in the game. In the past, I’ve kept score on paper like just about everyone else who keeps score. But I am always looking for more ways to go paperless. So yesterday, for the first time ever, I kept score on my iPad using an app called iScore. It was pretty easy to do, I was able to keep up with the game, and my stats matched those of the game as it progressed. One of the cool features of iScore is the ability to produce scorecards from your score-keeping, so here are my visitor and home team scorecards for yesterday’s NLDS game between the Washington Nationals and the St. Louis Cardinals:

nlds nats 1.PNG
Nationals Scorecard


nlds cards 1.PNG
Cardinals Scorecard

The scorecard is not perfect, because I am still learning how to use the app. This was my first time. I had planned to keep score of the Yankees/Orioles games as well, but the rain delay made that impossible. It was on too late for me to stay up and watch, let alone keep score.

I like the fact that I can do these without paper, because it means I can begin archiving my scorecards in Evernote like I do for just about everything else.


  1. “Talkin baseball…” 🙂

    I think its very cool there is an app for that. Old school hobby, new school technology


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