Workout #35 (cardio)

It was cardio again this afternoon. Once again, I limited myself to 30 minutes to avoid putting too much strain on my right knee. But I also tried an experiment. On Monday, my knee began to hurt at around the 20 minute mark. Today, I brought my AceTM knee brace and wore it while I did the elliptical. At the 20 minute mark, no pain. In fact, my knee felt fine the entire time.

Because I did only 30 minutes (31:30 to be exact) I pushed myself a little harder, trying to keep the RPMs above 75 and above 80 toward the end. I did just over 2.15 miles in 30 minutes.

On Friday, I’ll use the knee brace again, but try for 40 minutes. I’ve been eyeing the treadmills. Next week, I may give them a shot.

Lower body workout with Bernard tomorrow afternoon at 4 PM.


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