Science fiction didn’t get it all wrong.

I had a holiday letter from Rich and Tricia when I got home this evening. Also, there was a large box from Amazon which is the package that Mom admonished I not open until we are able to do a video chat and the folks can watch me open it. We’ve scheduled the video chat for tomorrow night. This is one place, certainly, where science fiction got it right. I remember watching The Jetsons as a kid, with their video phones. Three decades later, here I am, able to allow Mom and Dad to watch me open my gift live, even though I’m 2288 United miles away!

Night’s where I work out in the evening are tough. I got home from work after 6:30 and by the time I’d finished my dinner and packed my lunch, it was already 8 PM. I’m supposed to be off to bed now because I’ve got to get up at 4:30 but I haven’t even had time to unwind yet, let alone to anything else. Yet another reason to avoid evening workouts when I can.


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