Last night, today

Yesterday was a busy day at work and I barely had time to update the blog let alone finish all I had on my plate in the office. In fact, I didn’t even leave the office until 6 PM, which is unheard of for me these day. (But there are other people who have it worse than me. Because of that, I didn’t get home until almost 7 PM and then evening was shot. So I have already broken my self-proclaimed rule of not watching TV after work. I sat down and watched my TiVo’d episode of Studio 60 while I ate dinner and then I went right to bed.

It snowed overnight. We got about 1 inch and Price George’s county and several surrounding counties therefore closed all schools today. This makes no sense to me. We had less snow today than we did a few weeks ago and back then, the schools opened 2 hours late. I’d like to see the flow chart with the decision-making process for closing schools.

It’s been a busy, fragmented morning. I’ve had my hands in several things, often at the same time. At one point, I was on the phone helping someone in Santa Monica track down the root cause of a bug, while at the same time, I was (attempting) to write code to correct a completely different bug. It gets confusing. I’m hamstrung now because I’m awaiting completion of a data migration before I can continue my testing of my bug fix, but it won’t be done for an hour. I head home in just over an hour.

One way I reduce stress is through strategic uses of ice cream. I’ve been having larger breakfasts and dinners (more protein), but have been cutting back on lunches. So after my usual lunchtime nap, I headed down to Haagen Dazs and got myself a banana split, which was delicious and some of which ended up on my jeans. But I feel better because of it.

strausmouse has mentioned how cold it has been in his neck of the woods and it has been cold here too. The high this week is something like 27 and the high today is 23, but with the wind it “feels like” 13 degrees. Even so, waiting for the train in 13 degree weather this morning felt substantially warmed than the -2 earlier in the week.

Fans of Ken Jennings and Beavis & Butthead, might enjoy his post today on the world’s most unfortunately coded airports. It’s good for a mid-day laugh.

Speaking of mid-day laughs, I have to run off to a meeting.


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