Snow Day

We got snow last night. Two days after sunny skies and 70 degree temperature, we got 7 inches of snow dumped on us last night. The snow closed the schools as well as the Federal Government. And since my office follows the Federal Government, my office is closed today. Normally, this means I just work from home, but I, not realizing we were getting this snow when I left the office on Friday, did not bring my laptop home with me. So today is a real snow day for me. Just for the record, here is how things looked on Saturday:

Spring Day

Contrast this with how things look as I walked home from the grocery store this morning, just as the snowfall was finally coming to an end:

Winter Morning

Still, we are trying to make the best of it. The whole family is home. We are lazing around. I am not working so I am actually sitting down and reading a paper book for a change, Michael J. Sullivan’s Hollow World. I’m still re-reading It, but I’m using the free day today to read something else, too. It’s a pleasant change of pace.

Hopefully, however, this is our last snowstorm of the winter. Likely it is, even it if it isn’t the last snowstorm we’ll see, as the winter ends on Thursday.

Oh, and there’s some beer in the fridge to help ring in St. Patrick’s Day later on this afternoon.


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