I finally managed to set aside everything else I am doing, turn off the TV, cast away book and magazine, and clear my head of the stresses of work long enough to do a little bit of writing. I started a new story called “Situational Awareness”. I only wrote about 400 words or so, completely the first scene of the story but it’s 400 more words than I’ve written any other night this week, so I probably shouldn’t complain. I’m experimenting a little here, and I’m not 100% certain about what I’ve written thus far, but I’m not going to worry about it until I’ve got the entire story on paper. I’m writing and not looking back until I’m done. The one good thing about this story is that I have a very clear idea of the ending of the story that I am working toward; so much so that I can see the final scene in my mind as if it were me in the scene. I’m anxious to get there, but one step at a time…


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