Long days

Well, after working most of the weekend on last minute issues with the software rollout for software we’ve been developing for two years, things have settled down a bit. All of the major issues are fixed or under control. I can finally get some rest and get caught up on other things.

I watched Crash yesterday for the first time and it was a darn good movie. I was really impressed by it. I may be biased, however. A lot of it was filmed in Studio City and Sherman Oaks and I recognized many of the places. It was cool in a nostalgic kind of way.

I’ve got a list of thing to take care of this week. I’m taking my suits to the cleaners tomorrow. I need them cleaned and pressed for the dinner on Saturday and for Norm and Vicky’s wedding in just over two weeks. I also have to get in touch with my new tax person so that she can prepare my taxes for this year. I’ve been putting it off longer than usual, but I need to get it taken care of. Zeke is overdue for his regular vet appointment and shots and I need to get him in there as well. And I need a haircut. And I need to finish my spring cleaning. And. And. And.

My boss is in town Thursday and Friday of this week and so I’ll see him on Thursday (but I have Friday off). I have to finish up the final draft of my self-appraisal for when I meet with him on Thursday. I haven’t gotten any reading done at all in the last several days. Mostly, I’ve felt tired, but that’s probably because I’ve been so busy.

I’m making it an early night tonight. It’s 6:20 PM right now, and I’m getting ready for bed. I’m not going to sleep yet, but I’m going to get into bed and watch a movie or some TV while my load of laundry finishes. But lights will be out by 8:30 so I can get a full night’s sleep tonight.


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