Italian Lesson #2

This morning, I made my way through Level 1, Unit 2, Lessons 2 and 3. I was introduced to some basic present-tense verb forms and sentences such as, “The boy is running”, “The girls are jumping”. These got more complex, with sentences like “The girls are running after the boy”. Lesson 3 involved adjectives, things like old and new for objects and old and new for people. Also things like some basic colors.

Still no memorization and everything is presented in a way that you can intuit what the meaning is (and through repetition, you remember it), but I’m pretty good at memorizing too. I find that I can hear the sentences in Italian and know almost at once what they mean in English. But if I see a picture and try and say the sentence in Italian, I hesitate. So what I am going to do is put together a set of flashcards (I love flashcards) based on the vocabulary that I am learning, with the English word on the front and the Italian word on the back. I will then use these to improve my English to Italian translation speed; that is, until I get good enough to where I can see a word in English and instantly say it in Italian.

There are some things that I have picked up, such as which nouns are masculine and which are feminine. Also, there are some subtleties to pronunciation. Some words are pronounced with sounds that don’t seem to be included in their spellings. I am trying to remember these.

Words that I have learned so far:

Ball, boy, girl, child, man, woman, cat, dog, elephant, car, airplane, boat, and, the, a, walking, running, falling, jumping, swimming, flying, bird, fish, after, on, in, under, old, young, long, short, very, horse, house, red, blue, yellow, white, black, table.

I’m going to try and complete Unit 1 this week (there are 8 units in Level 1, and each unit is made up of 10-12 lessons). Next unit is basic numbers from 1-10.


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