Italian, Level 1, Unit 1, Lessson 6

I only managed to get in one lesson yesterday instead of the two I was aiming for, but one is better than none. Yesterday’s lesson was called Numeri e l’ora which is a bit of a misnomer because telling time was introduced, but much of the lesson was a reviews of the previous lesson on singular and plural forms. More complex sentences were added. And some additional numbers (15, 20, 30). New vocabulary, too, as always.

Here is what is tough for me. I have no problem quickly learning what is being said in the language. It is much harder for me, however, to try and formulate an Italian sentence, even though I can understand the language. I have to slow to a crawl just to think of the words, and the correct form of nouns, plural, singular, verb, etc. I think it used to be like this with Spanish too, and eventually, I “got it”. I suppose the same is true with Italian. I have no doubt I will be able to understand what people are saying; I’ll just be slow when it comes to have to speak it myself.


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