The under-appreciated

Today is national Administrative Assistant’s day, or something like that and I sent flowers to my assistant Cathy, who works in Santa Monica. Actually, she is the department assistant, doing the jobs of nine or ten people in her quiet and remarkable way. She is one of my favorite people at my company and she is one of the many under-appreciated, I think.

She sent me a note when she got the flowers this afternoon saying that no one else remembered. I find that remarkable and unbelievable, but if Cathy says so, then it is so. It’s sad, I guess. She’s been at the company for close to 35 years and I don’t know what the place would do without her.

Incidentally, we don’t call each other by our names. We were both huge West Wing fans, and back during it’s glory days, she once told me that I reminded her of Sam Seaborn (which flattered me out of my eyeteeth). Since her initials just happy to be C. J., I refer to her at all times as “CJ” and she refers to me as “Sam”. We’ve done this for years. She is the only one in the world to call me “Sam”; I won’t allow anyone else to do it. It’s especially amusing when I am in the Santa Monica office because it confuses some of the newer people who weren’t around when we started our little game.

Anyway, CJ makes my work-life easier in dozens of ways, especially when it comes to travel and routine paperwork. But even more so, she’s a great person to call when I just feel like I need to vent. I can always count on her to be a good listener.

So hear’s to you, CJ!


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