I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance…

…by doing absolutely nothing! I got home from work and had the auto insurance bill in the mail. I’d been expecting it since the bill is due August 1st and I pay the whole thing up front each year so that I don’t pay any service fees. For the last couple of years, my insurance has been $1,145/year. It sounds high because I carry more than the minimum required coverage. Anyway, $1,145 is what I budgeted for August 2007 – July 2008. But when I opened the bill today, I was surprised, and rather pleased to discover that this year, the rate had been reduced to $862 for the year. That’s a savings of over 30%! Kind of cool when you are not expecting it.

And no, I don’t use Geico. I use AAA’s Traveler’s insurance.


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