Smooth connections

Never having traveled internationally before, I am trying to be prepared for my trip, and that includes getting a feel for the airport. I am the only one of the family that has to get a connecting flight outside the U.S. (I fly from Dulles to Munich, Germany, and then connect to a flight to Venice, Italy.)

This evening, I explored the Munich airport terminal 2 maps. Based on what I could find out, my flight arrives in terminal 2, level 2, central. To catch my connecting flight, it seems that I simply have to go upstairs to terminal 2, level 4, central. That seems pretty straight-forward.

I also took a look at Venice Marco Polo Airport, where the very little Italian I have came in handy, until I found the English link. There is one terminal there with a large baggage claim area, a likely place to meet up.

Finally, I made arrangements today to have a car take me to Dulles and to pick me up from the airport when I get back home. A little over 2 weeks and I’m on vacation!


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