Done for the day

strausmouse likes my efforts at “real-time” blogging and he thinks I should keep it up, but I would like to have a vacation, too. To that end, I’m going to be boarding the plane in a little while. It’s an 8 hour flight to Munich, so you have at least an 8-hour reprieve from my obsessive blogging. Whether or not I will blog about the flight when I get to Munich depends on (a) how much time I have and (b) what kind of Internet connection I have.

I did get a text message from United saying that might flight will arrive in Munich at 7:18 AM tomorrow morning. That would be great because it’s almost an hour early and would give me time to get my connecting tickets and finding my gate in an airport where the native language is German. I know about 4 German words: Bayer, for instance; or Volkswagen.

Never fear, however. I will tell you all about the flight when I get to the other side of the pond. Until then, bon voyage!


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