Saturday afternoon

It’s a beautiful day in the D.C. area today. Sunny, but not hot, warm but with a pleasant breeze. I headed out just around noon with the intention of getting something to eat. Instead, I found myself driving up to Greenbelt lake and sitting by the lake side, reading American Prometheus for a while. After about an hour, I decided to head downtown.

I got off the train at Gallery Place and walked to Austin Grill. I sat outside and ordered their guacamole and chips, which I think are terrific. I lingered for an hour or so, eating my chips and reading my book. Then I headed for the national mall, which is in the midst of preparing for its annual folklife festival. I found a shady bench and sat for another hour or so, doing some more reading before I finally made my way back home.

It was incredibly pleasant, all day long, and even now it’s still quite nice out. I’m heading out for a walk and then will probably do some more reading this evening.


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