I was up around 8:30 AM yesterday morning. I walked into the office to check email and news, and saw, sitting on my bookshelf, where it has been sitting for months and months, Arthur C. Clarke’s Imperial Earth. For some reason, I was unable to resist it, so I took it with me to IHOP and started reading it while there.

After breakfast, I headed over to Greenbelt and Buddy Attick lake. I sat down by the lakeside and read for close to an hour. It was actually very peaceful. There were not large crowds of people around, the sounds of birds and insects filled the air. Every few pages I would take a break and watch the birds swoop down in the lake to make their graceful landings.

I headed back home after an hour or so and decided to read some more, but I quickly became tired so I got into bed and napped until almost 12:45 PM. I read for another hour thereafter and then headed over to Silver Spring to take in the 2:45 PM showing of Spiderman 3, which wasn’t as good as I’d hope, but wasn’t too bad either. After the movie, I treated myself to an early dinner at the Austin Grill before heading home for the evening.

I kept checking online throughout the evening to see if the Nebula Award winners had been announced. Finally, shortly before going to bed, the winners were posted. I was sorry to see that neither mabfan nor shunn won in the novella category. The one story in that category that I didn’t read, “Burn”, by James Patrick Kelly won.

But at least the Yankees beat Seattle so there was some good news at the end of the day.


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