My first Nats game

I went to the Nats/Mets game tonight with a bunch of people from work, including Kelly, Carmen, Kristy and Jesseca. There were six of us all together and we got seats out in center field, which were actually quite good. It was a lot of fun. The stadium was about half full (there were 23,000 fans in attendance) and we watched the game, talked, joked and drank beer. And to top it off, the Mets won!

I thought the Metro would be mobbed when we left, but we walked to the far entrance and got on the first train that came through, and here I am, home at 11:40 PM. The weather was perfect, warm, but with a nice breeze.

I have to be up around 7:30 tomorrow in order to take my car in for some scheduled service at Saturn at 8 AM, so I’m off to bed now.


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