13 years

Today is my 13 year anniversary at the company where I work. It sounds like a lot, but I know people who’ve been here a lot longer than I have. In fact, I know several people who’ve worked here over 30 years and a handful that have worked here over 40 years! These days, it seems “old school” to stay in a job for more than a few years (at least in the IT industry, and at least based on the resumes I see from time-to-time). But there are quite a few people who I’ve come up with that are still around, and that must say something about the place we work. I think it also says a lot about the people we work with.

What is strange is that this is only the 4th job I’ve ever held in my life. My first job, when I turned 16 was working in a stationary store. My second time, which I took during my senior year in high school, was working for a pharmacy. My third job, throughout my college career, was working in the dorm cafeteria. And finally, this job, which I started only a few months after graduating from college. All told, I’ve been working for 19 years now, but the vast majority of those years have been here.

After I’d worked here 5 years, I remember wondering if I’d still be here 5 years hence. So it is no surprise to learn that after working here 13 years, I sit here wondering if I will still be here 13 years hence. They year will be 2020. What changes will have taken place in the world in the course of those 13 years? What changes will have taken place in my life? I’ll be 48 years old (or 48 years of age, as my Grandpa would say). It will be interesting then to look back on this blog entry and see what has changed.

In the meantime, happy anniversary to me!


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