I spent 4 hours at work this morning doing some painstaking, manual database edits to fix and issue that couldn’t be otherwise scripted or automated because I couldn’t think of a way of programming a script that would be able to make intelligent decisions. Where are these fancy AI systems that we’ve been promised for decades now? I could have really used one today!

In better news, I had dinner with Kelly yesterday after work. She’d been out of town for 5 days and it was good to see her again. I stopped in at Best Buy and bought Season 4 of The Shield and then proceeded to watch episodes until about 1 AM. I’ve got season 5 on order through Amazon, but I still have about 9 episodes to go in season 4. strausmouse‘s suggestion that I watch the show has now cost me about $200 and nearly 34 hours of watching time. But it is a good show, so I really can’t complain.


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