Feeling better

I took a sick day from work today. The allergic reaction I had took a lot out of me and I felt like I needed a lot of sleep. Plus, I wanted to call the doctor and check with him on what had happened. Indeed, it sounds like an allergic reaction and benedryl was the proper course of action. No other symptoms since taking it and I should avoid the shampoo product I used at the W. (I’ll probably avoid all W products, and possibly all Starwood products at this point, just to be safe.)

I have lazed around in bed all day thus far. In fact I am still in bed as I write this, but I feel like I’ve gotten plenty of rest, and it’s about time I got up and got a few things done today. I did manage to watch the first two episodes of the BBC miniseries, Planet Earth. They were amazing. I plan on (finally) finishing up I. Asimov today and starting on In Memory Yet Green later today. Back to work tomorrow.


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