What weather!

It was awesome out yesterday when I left the office. I decided at the last minute to walk over to Crystal City Sports Pub, because it was so nice out. The temperature was about 84 and the skies were crystal clear. Eventually, there were about 6 or 7 of us who gathered for happy hour, but I was the only guy in the group. At one point, I managed to knock over my beer which quickly found it’s way over to Susan, who sat across from me. I felt terrible about that, and when I replaced my beer, I made sure to replace hers as well. It was almost 8 PM when Kelly and I left and headed back to her place. I made us some macaroni and cheese for dinner, and after eating, I was tired and went to bed. Kelly came to bed some time later.

Even throughout the night, the weather was simply gorgeous. The ceiling fan was going in the bedroom and it created a nice cool breeze. Nighttime temperatures cooled down a bit, but it was so comfortable–the perfect weather conditions, really. Even this morning, as I write this, there is a great breeze blowing in from outside and it looks to be another great day.

I woke up this morning with some swelling under both my eyes. Not quite like two weeks ago, when I clearly had a severe allergic reaction to something, and yet still, it makes me a little uneasy. I took an antihistamine just in case. I feel fine, and the swelling neither hurts, nor bothers me in any way, except for it’s presence, which disturbs me. I’ve always been perfectly healthy and to have something like this happen twice in two weeks (after turning 36) is a little stressful. It could be a dust allergy–something I know I’m allergic to because I was tested for it. When I get back from Santa Monica, I’ll probably make an appointment with my doctor to get it checked out.

Payday yesterday. Also, Kelly had kindly taken a portion of the change I had sitting at home to one of those bank change machines, which netted me $67. I’ve got plenty more change sitting at home, but this was a nice little bonus from the collected coffers.


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