After the rains

It stopped raining yesterday and today was bright and sunny with temperatures in the 70s. I was up at 4:20 but didn’t make it into the gym today. While I slept better last night, it was still not great. I’d planned to go to the gym after work, but when our first softball practice was canceled (due to a muddy field), I gave up. In fact, I made matters much worse when I got home by ordering a pizza and then eating nearly three-quarters of the thing by myself.

On the train home this afternoon, I noted the Potomac was muddy and flooded. In fact, at high tide (which it must have been since the moon was overhead), water on the north bank had flooded over onto the sidewalk, the first time in 6 years that I can remember seeing that happen. (FYI, just in case, I just checked and high tide was at 3:56 PM today; I crossed the river about 10 minutes after 4.)

I managed to watch Randy Pausch‘s lecture on time management today, which was excellent.

I had about 10 pieces of mail when I got home, and every single one of them was junk. I think that might be a record for a single day. There was no one piece of live mail in the bunch.

The workday was made up mostly of meetings, three or four hours of them. I think I have a similar schedule tomorrow. But tomorrow morning, at least, I hope to get to the gym beforehand.

he11o_sunshine and stubiebrother should be on their way to Paris about now, for a week in and around that famous city. Bon voyage!


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