Wrap up

I went to see The Good Shepard this afternoon. It was okay, but I liked Rocky Balboa better. I guess I don’t normally go out on Christmas, because I figured I stop at the bookstore next to the theater: and it was closed. In fact, every store was closed. Even the grocery store was closed when I drove past on my way home. Good thing I have some food in the house.

The weather conspired against me, forcing me to miss my cardio workout today. The gym was closed so I decided to go running. But then it started raining and it hasn’t stopped. Now, I could run in the rain, but I decided I didn’t want to give myself a cold and risk missing further workouts, so I didn’t do the cardio workout today.

However, I am ready for my upper body workout tomorrow morning. I’m getting up a 4:30, and hopefully, the gym won’t be too busy, what with lots of people out for the rest of the year. My lunch is packed and the laundry is done and I’m planning on getting to bed even before 8:30 tonight so that I can do some reading before heading off to sleep.


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