Back to writing

The June issue of SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN arrived today and reminded me that I have notes from an earlier issue on a new story. That in turn reminded me that I now had nothing “out” and nothing of note in the pipeline. And with all of the move planning (and now wedding planning) that’s happening, it could be very easy to lose sight of writing. I managed to get back to the gym and now, I’m trying to get back to writing.

mabfan has encouraged me for a while to write something for ANALOG. I’ve been writing stories lately that are softer on science, more social science fiction. They have been longer stories. I have an idea for a much shorter story, a very far future story, the idea of which came to me from a SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN article, which has a hard science premise, and which might be perfect for ANALOG. And I think I can do it in about 3,000 words or so. It’s my plan to get started on it tonight and see how I progress.


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