I’ve been so busy lately that I feel like I am a day behind on this blog, so this is my attempt to get even and back on track. I had a fairly busy day at work yesterday. It was another hot day and I wore shorts to the office. I was still hot. When I got home, I waited until the front yard got shaded and then mowed the lawn (it needed it). I cleaned up the house a bit, did a little more packing of books.

My landlord came by around 6:15 to show the house to possible new tenants. They liked it and signed a lease later that evening. They move in August 1, which means I have been released from the last month of my lease and don’t have to pay rent in two places.

I’m 110 pages through Bright Shiny Morning and I am very much enjoying it. I like the style in which it is written, but more than that, I’ve been aching to read a story that takes place in L.A. and in which L.A. forms a major character in the story. This fit the bill perfectly. It’s becoming one of those books that I am closely keeping an eye on how much I have left because I don’t want it to end. Fortunately, the book is 500 pages long, so there’s still plenty to go.

Talked to he11o_sunshine yesterday, and also talked to Doug. Dad put me in touch with his travel agent and I spoke with her too, and began arranging our honeymoon trip, which at the moment, looks as though it will be a 10-day cruise through the Panama Canal.

On Friday, I had my review with my boss and it was a pretty good review overall. I got a better raise than I’ve gotten in a few years, but it’s still small compared to the kind of raises I used to get.

Off to have some breakfast now.


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