Friday lower body workout

Since getting back into the groove of 6x/week workouts, I hadn’t yet done a lower body workout until today. At lunch I headed to the gym and did an almost-full lower body workout, my first in a very long time.

Lower body has always been my strongest and I did pretty good coming back to it, lifting a total of 20,100 lbs. Not bad for the first time back. I felt comfortable doing 115 lbs free-standing squats. I felt comfortable (and so did my ribs) doing 180 lbs leg presses. I felt good doing 120 lbs calf lifts.

The tough things for me to day were the stationary lunges (while holding 40 lbs.) and leg extensions at 70 lbs, which surprised me a little.

The toughest thing was walking down the stairs after showering and changing. My legs felt like lead and I can only imagine what they will feel like tomorrow.


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