Readercon has reminded me that I am a writer and that writers write. A few days ago, I did some work on a story that I’ve been playing around with, a kind of future history that begins in the very near future and progresses farther and farther down the line. I did about 1,000 words,

This morning, after breakfast in the hotel restaurant (pancakes that really weren’t all that good), I sat in the hotel lobby and did some more work on the story. It’s moving in fits and starts, a scene at time. I’m experimenting with a somewhat different style, but I’ve nearly completed the first part of the story (6 scenes or so) and I’m pleased with what I have so far. What I don’t have is a title, but my working title, only tangentially related to the story, is “Digital Native”. I did about 200 words sitting in the lobby, surrounded by others, like Michael Swanwick, Allen Steele, and Paul Di Fillippo (to whom scottedelman introduced me last night). It was an odd feeling to be writing in the lobby surrounded by these writers, but at the same time it was a little reassuring, too. Maybe, one day, I really can be like them.


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