Evening reading

Home around 4:20 and I did like I said (or tried). I read for a little while before falling asleep on the couch. Before I knew it, I was waking up to the phone. Kelly was on her way home. I picked her up, came back home, and we had dinner while watching the final episode of Dexter, season 2.

Off to the gym afterward. I did a 25 minute cardio workout (would have gone longer but for some right knee pain) and then a bunch of abs work until Kelly was finished. Then back home, emptied the dishwasher, and showered. I’m going to get into bed and read soon. Started Rama II by Arthur C. Clarke a little while ago.

Paid a few bills today (phone and electric), and set them up for automatic payments in the future. Also called the insurance people. They had forgotten to cancel the policy for my old place and I got a bill for it. They were very good on the phone and said they’d take care of it.

Strangely, no snail mail today for some reason.

I’m donating blood to the O Positive vampires tomorrow morning.


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