I was moody this evening for reasons I can’t really explain.  I’m rarely moody, but there I was this evening, with a little bit of inexplicable attitude.  Saturday too.  I blame it on the fact that I spent all day in "programmer mode" (I was in a lesser "programmer mode" on Saturday).  But still, that doesn’t really seem like an excuse.  The truth is, I have no idea why I was moody.  Maybe it was the meatballs I ate for dinner.

After dinner, Kelly and I went for a walk around the complex, and then headed to the gym, where I managed to get in a really good arms and shoulder workout, and in doing so, I seem to have worked out most of my moodiness.  We came back to the house.  he11o_sunshine  called and I spoke with her briefly, then it was into the shower and into the office to do some workshop stuff.  Mostly mind-mapping the story.  I’m supposed to be writing a scene focusing on setting, but the creative bug seems to have taken an extended Labor Day weekend.  I’ve got to get something sent out tomorrow, however, so I’m plugging away.

We got our first preview engagement photos from the photographer today.  They came out terrific.  Kelly, especially, looks amazing.  I don’t look too bad myself.  She also had some good news:  the memory stick from the original photo-shoot was not damaged beyond repair after all and we now will have two sets of engagement photos.  I can’t wait to see more of them.

We’re hosting poker night this Friday at our house, and then I’m playing in the Think Tank softball tournament on Saturday.  It’s a double-elimination tournament and our first game is at 9:30 AM.  Kelly and I decided that on Sunday, we’re going to wrap up what’s left of the wedding tasks so that we no longer have to worry about them being unfinished. 

Another all-day programming binge tomorrow.  Hopefully I’ll be in better control of my mood.


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