House elf

We started the day with various errands and tasks.  We ran over to Home Depot to look at grills, but decided to wait until we got back from our vacation before buying anything.  We also wrapped up several wedding-related tasks.  (Only two weeks to go!)  Kelly made us grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch.  Yum!

Then it became a lazy day.  I went to go read and instead, fell asleep on the living room couch for something like 1-1/2 hours.  Kelly, meanwhile, fell asleep in the family room.  When we had finally woken up, it was close to 5 PM.  We decided to walk over to Shirlington and make use of more of our "date night" goodies.  We had dinner at Capital City Brewery.  After that, we went to the 7:10 showing of Burn After Reading.  Very well written, funny, and well acted.  But it’s what you’d expect from the Coen Brother’s in terms of how it all ends.  We walked back home slowly after the movie and it was a very pleasant walk.

This evening I discovered that we do not, in fact, have a house elf.  It turns out that Kelly is the one who has been emptying the dishwasher, cleaning out the litter boxes, doing the laundry.  I had assumed it was the house elf.  I thought Avalon included that with all of their "luxury" rental town-homes.  Kelly said that I was mistaken.  I checked the lease, and sureenough, she’s right.  Section 7.2 specifically says that "even-numbered town-homes are equipped with fireplaces and ceiling fans, but do not include house elves."  You can imagine how bitterly disappointed I was.


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