Early night

Busy day at work today.  Progress on some fronts, but more delays on others.  We stopped at the grocery store after work and picked up a few things, and when we got home, I made my apple, ale and cheddar soup again.  It was good, but not quite as good as the first time.  Too much apple cider this time.  And next time, some chopped apples would be good.

No writing tonight, but I think I have the gist of the first scene fully worked out.  Maybe tomorrow.  I’d been reading Uncertainty, but I no longer need it for where the story is going.  An interesting book, still, but I’m setting it aside of the time being.  I started Jack McDevitt’s Cauldron tonight and got through the first chapter.

Spoke with Mom today.  Also spoke with strausmouse  tonight, who called as promised.

We got our wedding pictures today.  The photographer is mailing us the DVDs, but in the meantime, she made the pictures available to us online.  I looked through some but there’s something like 700.  I’ll look through more when we get the DVDs.

Off to bed now.  I was practically falling asleep on the couch. 


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