Border patrol

I haven’t been sleeping all that great.  Not sure why.  It might be that I’ve been hemmed in by the cats and the border fence that’s been put up in the middle of the bed.  Yes, that’s right, Kelly had put a border fence (read: pillow) down the middle of the bed, which she claims is for her back so that she can sleep comfortably and ache-free as the maternal abdomen continues to grow.  It seems however, that if even a finger of mine crosses the border, Immigration agents take note and push said finger back across the border.  Kelly finds this incredibly amusing for some reason.  I think the cats are in on it, too.  At any rate, I’ve been sleeping less, but maybe that’s a good thing in the long run.  I’m slowing convincing myself to get back on the 4 AM schedule for workouts, and eventually the baby will be coming and from what everyone tells me, sleep goes out the window at that point.  There are really two schools of thought:  get as much sleep as you can now; or prepare for the future.  Given the border disputes going on, I think I’m opting for the latter.

ETA:  Kelly says that I can apply for a "passport" that will allow crossing of the border, but to stay more than five (5) minutes requires a visa.  Sounds like a lot of paperwork, if you ask me.


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