We few, we happy few

Busy day at work today, one of those days where time flies by virtually unnoticed.  I got fed up with a project that seemed to have lost all forward momentum and so I took charge today, and I felt good about that.  I think things will start moving again.

After work, Kelly went to the gym and I walked to the grocery store.  I needed some kind of exercise.  It was cold, but I walked quickly.  There were some dangerous patches of ice on the sidewalks but I navigated them safely (nearly sliding to the pavement only once).  I lugged two large grocery bags home and felt that I not only got a decent cardio workout, but that my shoulders and arms got a good workout as well.

Lots of miscellaneous mail:  stuff from the accountant, some bills from various doctors, the latest issue of AOPA Pilot.  Still no word from ANALOG.  Tomorrow will be 60 days, I believe.

Read more of Dick Winters’ book, which I am really enjoying.  Watched the new episode of Smallville and then decided to watch the first episode of Band of Brothers.

Another busy day in the office tomorrow.  Looking forward to Saturday evening.  We have theater tickets to Les Miserables at the Signature Theater in Shirlingon.  That should be fun.


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