I crashed last night when I got home.  I ate dinner and shortly thereafter, I was feeling a bit tired.  So I grabbed my book and the April copy of ANALOG and headed upstairs, thinking I’d read for an hour or two before calling it a night.  After all, it was only about 6:30 or so.  I read Stanley Schmidt’s interesting editorial ("Research I") and then returned to I Remember the Future.  At one point, Kelly appeared, saw me laying in bed reading, and told me that I was going to be asleep any second.  I replied that I was enjoying my book and that I really didn’t feel that tired.

Well, sometime around 7:15 I crashed.  (That’s the last time I looked at the clock.)  When I woke up, it was 9:45 PM, the room was dark, Kelly was in bed, and I was thirsty.  I got some water and went back to bed.  I ended up finally getting up at 3:45 AM–I was just laying around waiting for the clock to strike 4 AM and figured what the heck.

The first week at the new routine is always the toughest.  It will get easier.  I hope.


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