Workout #4 (Lower body)

Up at 3:45 AM.  Had three scrambled eggs, toast and juice for breakfast.  I read for about 30 minutes and the headed across to the gym.  It was freezing out–single digits with the wind chill, but fortunately, the gym is right across the street.

Today was lower body day.  I debated going into Bally’s to do this workout, but I managed to come up with three full groups of exercises using the equipment available at Avalon’s gym.  All told, I did 17,490 pounds of lower body lifting this morning.  If that sounds like a lot, compare it to the 23,280 pounds I was doing back in October 2007.  Nevertheless, I didn’t overdo things and I didn’t strain myself (although I must say three sets of stationary lunges with 40 pounds of weight for a total of 36 reps in each leg really pushes my limits).

Much of my upper body soreness is gone, although I was usually stiff in the muscles at the top back of my shoulders.  It hurt to do jumping jacks.  But I pressed on.

I’m very pleased that I’ve got four days in a row.  I’m also pleased that I am mostly sticking to my diet (last night I had 3 chocolate chip cookies).  We have a doctor appointment in the morning tomorrow, and normally I’d be able to sleep in a little, but I’m planning to be up at 4 AM again.  It takes me about 3 weeks to form a habit.  If I can keep this up consistently for 3 weeks, it should stick–thus getting up early tomorrow.


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