Workout #17 (Lower body)

Up at 3:50 after a strange dream where I watched a guy walk into the propeller of a small airplane.  Made scrambled eggs for breakfast and then sat down to read for about 40 minutes.  I headed to the gym at 4:50.  I was the only one there for the first 20 minutes or so, which is weird because there is usually this one woman on a treadmill when I get there and it always seems as though she’s been there for a while.  She wasn’t there this morning.

Lower body today and I upped the weights in various places, lifting a total of 19,552.5 pounds.  That’s 2,000 pounds better than my lower body workout from two weeks ago (last week I only got in a partial workout of around 15,000 pounds).   It’s still about 4,000 pounds short of my peak, but I’m getting there.  I even threw in stationary lunges, which I hate because they are so damn hard.

Half day at work today because we have a doctor appointment this afternoon.


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