This might be hard to believe, but while I have read every book that Carl Sagan has written, I have never seen a single episode of his famous science series, Cosmos.  Until last night, that is.  I remember seeing some posts regarding the fact that the Cosmos series was available on Hulu, and last night, kept awake by an aching hand, I watched the first episode, which originally debuted nearly 30 years ago, in 1980.  What a wonderful show!  So impressed was I with the program that I decided the Hulu quality wasn’t good enough, so I hopped over to the iTunes store and purchased the entire series, using a gift certificate I received for my birthday.  I can’t wait to watch the remaining episodes.

(And while I was at the iTunes store, I also picked up Season 1 of the Discovery Channel series, The Universe, which looks like an updated version of Cosmos.  Can’t wait to dig into that either.)

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