I had trouble sleeping last night.  Kelly suggests it was because I didn’t eat dinner and that may very well be it.  Nevertheless, I was up until 2:30 am, when I finally managed to get to sleep.  It means that I’m running a little late this morning and that always bothers me.

Yesterday was "back to work" day after the winter break, and everyone seemed a little sad to be back in the office.  But the day went by quickly. Kelly and I headed into work together, which means we dropped off the baby at daycare and picked him up together.  I like when we do that. The mornings are much better.  We all get to spend a little more time together, which is comforting.

I got some writing done, starting a new story last night, but I was far below the quota that I’ve set for myself.  I guess I could say that at least I got some writing done, but I should have done more.  The writing that I did get done was not particularly inspired.

I’m well into Galileo’s Dream and so far I am enjoying it. This morning, I found Joe Haldeman’s Starbound on my Kindle when I checked it, and I am looking forward to reading that when I finish Galileo’s Dream.


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