Start off the new year with a BANG

It was my intention to get back to regular blogging beginning January 1 but I had one of the laziest weekends I’ve had in a very long time.  My primary activity this weekend was sitting in front of the television watching episodes of Boston Legal again and again and again.  In between we managed to do some things around the house like replace a faucet in one of the bathrooms, hang pictures on the wall, stuff like that.  But, despite my previous post on my aggressive writing plans for 2010, I did no writing this weekend, very little reading, and, of course, no blogging.  I’m very disappointed in myself.

On January 2, I received my copies of Descended From Darkness, the anthology of stories from Apex Magazine, which includes my story, "Hindsight, in Neon."  This is the first time that a story of mine has appeared in an anthology and I was very excited to receive my copies and hold them in my hand.  This is hopefully not the last time I will get to do this in 2010.

On January 3, temperatures reached about 4 degrees with the wind chill and we braved that cold weather to have dim sum with friends at a nearby Chinese restaurant.  Zach was very well-behaved and we had a really nice time.

I started reading Kim Stanley Robinson’s Galileo’s Dream late last week and I’m enjoying it so far.  I’m looking forward to Joe Haldeman’s Starbound, which comes out tomorrow.  I do plan on getting some writing done today on a new story, the first draft of which I hope to have finished by the end of the week.


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