My Black Friday

I don’t normally run out to the store on Black Friday.  But I wanted to pick up some logs for the fireplace since the temperature is really going to drop tonight and Kelly–who’d already been over to our local Target–said it wasn’t too bad.

Keep in mind, our local Target is a 5-minute walk from our house. And if I was walking, it would be no big deal, but I was taking the car so that I could lug back 60 pounds of logs. So I got in the car, turned up into the Target parking lot–and was surprised to see plenty of spots–even spots up close to the front of the store–in which to park.

I figured that the parking lot must be misleading, but when I walked into the store, it was not more crowded than any other day.  I must say, I was bitterly disappointed. I was expecting to see shopping-drunk mothers bitterly fighting over the last Redskins Snuggie while their unsettled husbands shuffled awkwardly from foot to foot, wondering when they could sneak off to check the price on the flat panel TVs on sale. Nope, it was business as usual.

I picked up the logs I was looking for but then I saw a Dust Devil on sale, and we’ve been wanting a Dust Devil to make it easier to clean out the messes Zach makes eating his breakfast in the new car. And then I wandered through Electronics and, seeing how it wasn’t crowded, I browsed for a moment and managed to come away with a copy of Rock Band 3. Finally, I figured I’d go to the hardware section to pick up some stuff I needed for little projects around the house that I hope to get done today. I grabbed some hooks, some duct tape and string.

I thought for certain that the lines would be where I found the crowds.  And indeed, nearly every line in the store was open.  I walked right up to an empty one and checked right out with no delay.

All told, I was terribly disappointed. There’s been all this hype about Black Friday and the crowds and the sales and the deals and the bargains and I couldn’t find any of it anywhere. The morning news people were predicting a big day, with sales up 2% from last year.

Not sure where they are getting their numbers, but it’s not from my local Target.


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