The Little Man loves giving high-fives. I suppose this is true of any little boy. When we were at his Parents Night last week, he went around the entire circle of people until each and every one of them had given him a high-five.  You see, once you ask for a high-five from the Little Man, it won’t stop until he is certain that everyone within his sight has also gotten a high-five. Really it’s rather sweet.

But the most hilarious example came last night, and although this will sound made-up, I assure you that it is not.  Some background: one of the Little Man’s newer words is “baby”, which he pronounces as “bobby”. If he sees a baby, he will point and say, “Bobby!” If he sees himself–say, in a photograph–he will do the same thing.

So last night we were up in the master bathroom. The Little Man had done something particularly amusing and I turned to him, picked him up and said, “High-five!” He got a big smile on his face and proceeded to produce a most excellent example of a high-five. He then immediately looked around, as is his wont, to see if there was anyone else he could high-five.

But you’re ahead of me. He caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror, leaned out over the sink and give his reflection a most excellent high-five, a look of pure, gleeful satisfaction on his face as he did.

I could barely contain my laughter and nearly stumbled down the stairs as I rushed to the kitchen to report the incident to Kelly.


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